A division of Kane Constructions

Deakin University Building P News Room, Burwood
Victoria, Australia

  • Value: $1.3m
  • Client: Deakin University
  • Consultants: Buro

This project comprises four major components: Green Room, Neutral Printing Room, News Room, teaching spaces spread across three levels.

The 60sqm Neutral Printing Room is the first milestone of this project. This rooms is painted and fitted out with neutral grey colour to fulfil its purpose. Students and staffs will use this room to edit and print their work using the full size printer. The masterpiece of this room is the special lighting boxes, integrated with magnetic boards, which can be calibrated to present the actual photos as seen as on computer screen.

The news room on level 3 uses the high-end designer furniture and full services coordination to support the room purpose for news recording. The room has to meet certain acoustic requirements and the services here are fully integrated to Deakin e-solution service. On the same levels are some teaching spaces that use the latest AV technology, which enrich the teaching and learning experiences.

The name is self-explanatory, the green room is located in level 2. This room requires special finishes installation on the walls and floors to conceal the corners of walls and floors.