NEWS | Victoria

MCC's Australian Sports Museum

20th October, 2020

It is an exciting time as we head towards the AFL grand final this weekend. Whilst it will be quiet at the MCG, we look forward to a time soon when we can once again return to the 'G' to watch a game of football and visit the new MCC Australian Sports Museum. Located in Basement 1 of the MCG, the logistics of transporting materials both in and out of the building proved difficult. No more so than the structural steel frame of the glazed lift which is suspended from a beam above. The lift pit extends into Basement 2 where it finishes a mere 50mm above the height of bus traffic below. As for the Museum itself, where do you start; Sherrin Rock Climbing Wall? Acoustic Sensory Geodisic Dome? or Game On? What's Game On you ask, you will just have to come and see for yourself when you can. 

The Broadcast Design team have outdone themselves!