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arete Australia is proud to have delivered the Angiography Pre-Works project for Austin Health in three stages.

In Stage 1, the Radiology ED on Level 1 of the Austin Tower was modified to include a wheelchair bay and two new workstations with joinery. Stage 2 and 3, located on Level 2 of the Lance Townsend Building, involved the demolition of a redundant equipment storage area, wheelchair trolley bay, three offices, and a small sterile store. These spaces were transformed into a Sterilizing Room, Clean up room, Interview room, larger Sterile Stock room, and an Unpacking area. A new nurse base was also installed in the Admissions and Recovery area.

Throughout the project, we prioritized safety and compliance with strict infection control protocols, ensuring that the construction process did not disrupt hospital operations or compromise patient care. 

The final stage of the project involved the construction of a new plant room and general store, providing Austin Health with the infrastructure needed to deliver high-quality patient care.