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arete Australia was engaged to carry out the fitout of a new office space for DCWC within the Melbourne CBD. The existing warm shell space, covering approximately 705sqm, was transformed into a modern office with various functional areas, including arrival/reception, co-lab, kitchen/pantry, print room and pods, storage, breakout space, a new boardroom and offices.

arete Australia executed the project and installed and commissioned electrical, mechanical, hydraulic and security services as per the consultant's design. The fit-out also included meeting rooms, offices, and a general open office space with 84 workstations. The project aimed to create a conducive work environment that fostered productivity and collaboration among employees.

Upon completion of the fitout, DCWC expressed their appreciation for the final result, which was completed successfully. The project team worked within the allocated budget and timeline to deliver a quality fit-out that met DCWC's needs and expectations. Overall, the project provided DCWC with a new and modern office space that aligned with their business objectives and enhanced their overall work experience.