Monash Children's Hospital Imagination Tree




Monash Children's Hospital


Waterman AHW Pty Ltd
Omnii Pty Ltd
PLP Building Surveyors & Consultants Pty Ltd

The Monash Children’s Hospital Imagination Tree is a combined play and relaxation space built over four floors in the centre of a fully functional major metropolitan Children’s Hospital. The glass roofed space contains four independent platforms supporting by two massive artist-created trees on either side. Each platform supports a different activity, out of play, reading, music, and relaxation. The space has been created within the hospital to create a sanctuary for the young patients of the hospital and their carers, during what can be a difficult time for many.

When the Monash Children’s Hospital Campus was opened in 2017, a central atrium was left vacant for construction of a dedicated recreation space. The internal space was 21 meters high and completely enclosed by a glazed roof.

After being engaged in early 2019, arete were tasked with taking this raw space and transforming it into a fully fit out area. Every centimetre of wall panelling and glazing was covered with decorative film, the steel framed platforms were transformed into bespoke play spaces, and the steel columns supporting them became enormous trees. Around these trees and floor spaces, and from the roof above, a highly detailed package of lighting and audio visual technology was installed, creating an immersive and interactive experience.