ANSTO Synchrotron ADS Beamline Extension




Australia's Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation (ANSTO)


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The ADS Beamline Extension is a new beamline which extends past the main facility to a new externally connected facility.  The Advanced Diffraction and Scattering beamlines (ADS-1 and ADS-2) will provide high-energy X-ray diffraction and imaging capabilities for a range of scientific applications in materials science, engineering and mineralogy.  

arete Australia was awarded this project in August 2021. Construction then commenced in September 2021. The project was delivered in two phases, with the initial phase of the works consisting of excavation works, the re-location of services including; fire, stormwater, sewer, domestic water, high pressure gas and power, building concrete retaining walls, pouring two different connecting concrete slabs including a 1500mm thick ‘technical slab’ to house the beamlines. Completing the structure, roofing and wall cladding to a point – leaving an opening large enough to allow the beamline enclosure to be installed within the building. Phase 1 was completed at Christmas 2021. 

The ADS-1 and ADS-2 installation was completed in October 2022.

Phase 2 then commenced which included closing the external façade and flashings, building entry ramps, completing cut throughs into the main facility, fitting out the G16 laboratory adjacent to the new ADS building. The internal fitout encompassed various components, including partitions, doors, walls, ceilings, roughing in and fitting off of services, epoxy and vinyl works, and the installation of the external perforated metal façade structure. Additionally, services commissioning and testing were carried out as part of this phase. 

The project reached Practical Completion in February 2023.